Ca$hflow: New Webseries Shows Off Life Uptown

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Webseries are the future. Don’t believe me? Okay. Tell me: how many TV shows do you watch on TV? And how many have you instead watched on Hulu or Netflix, or some other less legal hosting site? Do you get your comedy from prime time sitcoms or from YouTube and Funny or Die? Did you hear that Netflix is now in the business of renewing shows, having picked up Arrested Development for a fourth season because it’s done so well on their site?


We’re excited about the artists and talent creating their own work and throwing it up on the internet for all to see as media becomes more and more democratized. One of the latest entries into the race is In the Wood, which, like East WillyB before it, seeks to chronicle a New York neighborhood; this time, it’s the increasingly diverse North North North of Manhattan, Inwood. The series seeks to follow separate characters as their lives intersect. Check out the first episode!

The series first launched back in 2010, but the creators have taken the time to go back and make everything live up to their vision before relaunching this month. The first season is complete, and will be rolled out episode by under-ten-minute episode. Now, they’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign to seek the funds to do a second season. Like what you see? Donate, so they can keep bringing you more.