‘Charmed’ Star Melonie Diaz on the Touching Messages She Gets From Latino Fans of the Show

Lead Photo: Photo by Katie Yu. Courtesy of The CW
Photo by Katie Yu. Courtesy of The CW
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The Charmed ones are back, and a lot things we thought we knew about the characters are about to change. Lucky fans at New York Comic Con got a special sneak preview of the premiere episode of Charmed season two and got a sense of what’s in store for Mel, Macy and Maggie after the explosive season one finale. Last time we saw the sisters, they had just been appointed the new Elders. Not to give out too many spoilers, but their new position in the witching community will be challenged pretty quickly and they’ll have to take on a new mission when a new dangerous force arrives unexpectedly.

The new Charmed showrunners Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro were in attendance at the NYCC panel with stars Melonie Diaz (Mel), Madeleine Mantock (Macy), Sarah Jeffery (Maggie) and Rupert Evans (Harry, the trio’s trusty Whitelighter) to share more about the new season. Shapiro said the showrunners wanted to explore what it looks like when superpowers come with consequences. Kruger hinted that they looked at the characters’ pasts, including some of their relatives, for potential stories. “This is about breaking your labels within the family,” Shapiro said. And then now you’re an adult, and you still see each other the way you did when you were 12, but you’re not that person anymore. It’s really hard to break that label, and they all have to learn to see each other in ways [that are] very different from [what] we saw last year.”

Those changes will greatly affect the main characters. According to Jeffery, Maggie will get more responsibilities this time around so she’s no longer the group’s token party girl. “What I like about this season is you get to see that you can step up to the plate in a new way,” Jeffery said. Not too much is revealed yet for Diaz’s character, but Mantock’s Macy will get in touch with a side of herself that was first revealed in the first season.

“Maggie was sort of a sorority girl last year, and now she’s going to find herself out as a leader,” Kruger said. “Mel was always the leader and now she has to find her power without powers. It’s sort of like scrambling to figure out who you are. Macy, she’s a scientist finding herself starting all over again — and about stuff they don’t know yet.”

There was a question about diversity about LBGTQ and Latinx representation but for the most part, the new showrunners sidestepped it. “We’re keeping it going,” Kruger said, offering no other spoilers in that department. Perhaps it will figure more into this season than the last? For now, Diaz shared that she’d been touched by fans’ messages on social media. “I got one message like, ‘Will you help me come out?’” she said. “It’s just the power of what we do … I also get messages like ‘Hey, you look like me’ or ‘I have a cousin that looks like you!’”

Ahead of the debut of the new season, a trailer dropped showing many scenes from the premiere episode, including the sisters’ toast to their new futures as Elders and the quick disruption of their celebratory moods by a hooded evil presence that’s terrifyingly strong. The trailer also features the first mention of a war, a reoccurring problem the showrunners confirmed the Charmed ones will have to face throughout the new season. One thing’s for certain in the few seconds of the teaser and the new episodes, the sisters will have to be closer than ever before — their futures depend on it.

Charmed season two premieres October 11, 2019, at 8 p.m. on The CW.