Chicago: Your Free Outdoor Summer Movie Guide

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Summer has officially arrived. Soon we’ll start damning the lack of air-conditioning on our morning commutes but for now, we’ve got our legs out and Chicago’s Latino Cultural Center Film in the Park Series has begun! All starting at dusk, with free giveaways and popcorn before the screenings. Bring a date, bring a blanket and you’ve got yourself a Chi-town summer.

6/26 @ Koscuisko Park
Sin Palabras
[insert-video youtube=TH3_zeaC6VM]

Lian is a Chinese immigrant en-route to America who finds herself lost in Bogota, Colombia. Raul is a hardware store worker who happens to cross paths with Lian. Sin Palabras follows their adventures of one-day where they both question, how much can be shared without words.

7/10 @ Piotrowski Park & 8/14 @ Harrison Park
El Paseo 2
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El Paseo 2, follows John Leguizamo as Lucho Calvo and his family on a trip to Colombia. What starts off as his dream vacation, begins to unravel when his wife’s ex-boyfriend appears and the locals don’t take to Lucho too kindly. There’s even a cameo by El Pibe!

7/17 @ Calumet Park & 8/7 @ Loyola Park
El Ombligo del Cielo
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Down and out executive Andrea is having a bad day. When she gets stuck on her buildings roof with a janitor, they spend a weekend dissecting their lives and what it’s all really worth.

7/24 @ Hermosa Park
Broche de Oro
Puerto Rico
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Under the strict supervision of la Madre Superior, three amigos escape their nursing home for a weekend getaway to la playa showing us that adventure doesn’t have to end once you’re ‘over-the-hill’. Just watching the trailer will make you smile.

7/31 @ Kilbourn Park
Y Sin Embargo
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A boy creates a story about seeing flying saucers as his reason for being late to a test but Y Sin Embargo is really a story about every persons right to dream, combining fantasy, fable and music with a cast of top Cuban actors.