Chile’s First Film Shot Entirely on Smartphones is Terrifying

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Take equal parts Spring Breakers, The Blair Witch Project, and The Ring; shake liberally while shooting handheld on smartphones in Chile, y vale, you’ve got the cinematic cocktail 09, the first Chilean feature film shot entirely on cell phones. Martin Cárcamo, a television host in Chile, has penned his first screenplay, working with the film’s director Javier Aguirrezabal to create “a different kind of story, a little dirty in style.” Cárcamo claims they were interested in pursuing new platforms and new languages for storytelling, seeing the smartphone as the means to lead such innovation. It’s being released in Chile on March 13 and hopefully it won’t take too much longer for it to reach stateside so you can see it on the big screen yourself. Until then, check out the trailer…

[insert-video youtube=2cDa8oOQHI8]