Chris Perez Live Blogs As He Tries to Watch Entire ‘Selena’ Movie for the First Time

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In the years since the release of the 1997 Selena movie, the film has become a classic. Starring Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos, and Constance Marie, the movie follows the rise of the Queen of Tejano up until her untimely death. And while many of us can easily quote the movie, Selena’s widower, Chris Perez, probably can’t, because he’s – understandably – never seen the entire film. During the premiere, he closed his eyes for half the movie. But on February 7, he decided to give it a go. “Guess what just started on the Lifetime TV channel,” he wrote. “Yup. Gonna grab a bottle of wine from the kitchen and sit through the movie in its entirety for the first time.”

He then went on to live blog his reactions on Facebook, offering little insights about his relationship with the beloved singer in the process. One of his sweetest revelations came as he watched the pizza scene, where Selena explains that she can eat a whole medium pie on her own. “She LOOOOOOOOVED pizza,” he said. “This scene coulda been a lil more heavy. Here’s where we first said ‘I love you’ to each other. My head was spinning.”

Check out everything he thought as he tried to watch the film completely for the first time:

He didn’t quite get to the end, which is the hardest part of the film to watch, but he did answer some fan questions along the way:

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