Christine Dávila, Director of Ambulante CA Film Festival, On Elevating Emerging Voices

Concā, the world’s first vodka Panamericano, launched in Los Angeles last month, giving us a preview of its unique flavor – a blend distilled from North American corn vodka and sugarcane vodka from Veracruz. They’ve since partnered with some of LA’s creative movers and shakers – in fields as diverse as film, food, mixology, music and art – for a video series called “Stories Con Carácter,” which takes a look at their work and how they’re contributing to LA’s scene.

In the latest episode, they catch up with Christine Dávila, the director of Ambulante California, a traveling documentary film festival founded in Mexico by Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Elena Fortes, and Pablo Cruz. Last year, Ambulante crossed the border into the US and made a home in Los Angeles under Davila’s guidance. Dávila, who also works as a Sundance Film Festival Programming Associate, has made it a point to shine a light on US Latino and Latin American filmmakers.

“I heard about Ambulante in 2007, the year I attended the amazing Morelia International Film Festival, which is actually a partner organization of Ambulante,” she told us last year. “Like many people, I was immediately attracted to the Ambulante movement both in the figurative and literal sense. It’s romantic, this rock tour of documentary films and filmmakers. I like the cause but I also really dig the rebellious aspect of it. It is so determined to carve out spaces for cinema all around us and the fact that it is collectively fueled and that it’s a diverse, multi-tier audience builder makes it all the more potent.”

Watch to learn more about her work elevating the voices of emerging filmmakers.