In what thankfully won’t be the final episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (remember when we had a mini-heart attack thinking it was cancelled?), viewers will get to meet a very special guest star. Jane the Virgin herself is trying on the role of potential love interest for one Miss Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz). That’s right, Gina Rodriguez is driving up to the wacky world of these New York City cops in the role of Alicia, an Uber driver without a care in the world.

As series co-creator Dan Goor told TV Line, Rosa and Alicia meet by chance, though Rosa is not looking for love. “But the question is, once she meets Gina Rodriguez’s character, will she be able to avoid it?” In a recently released clip of the show’s season finale, we see why her fierce queer Latina cop may not be able to resist Gina’s Alicia. While Terry Crews’ Terry is intent on setting his colleague up with the attractive Uber driver, Rosa is at first unfazed by his plan. But one look at Alicia doing her best shampoo commercial hair slow-motion hair toss move as she gets out of her car (turns out they’re looking for a lost veil that threatens to derail Jake and Amy’s wedding) is all we need to know that sparks are clearly flying between these two women.

We suggest you watch the clip multiple times so you can truly appreciate just how googly Rosa’s eyes get when confronted with Gina’s hair, and here’s hoping the show’s move to NBC for a shortened sixth season will give us more of this queer Latina power couple in the making.

[h/t TV Line]