TRAILER: Netflix’s Mexican Soccer Comedy Is Back for Season 3

Lead Photo: 'Club de Cuervos' still by Federico Garcia Castañeda. Courtesy of Netflix
'Club de Cuervos' still by Federico Garcia Castañeda. Courtesy of Netflix
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“Unidos pero jodidos”: united but fucked. No better tagline for the return of Netflix’s soccer comedy hit. It’s taken three seasons, but fans of Club de Cuervos will finally get to see Chava (Luis Gerardo Méndez) and Isabel (Mariana Treviño) put their differences aside and work together to help their team succeed. Well, we will get to see them try, at least. And judging from the recently released trailer, that’ll turn out to be harder than either would have anticipated.

After learning they each now have a 50% stake in their soccer club, the feuding siblings are forced to work together. Which is hard when you can’t even stand to be near one another let alone trust what each will say to the press, to the coach, or even to the players. Add in the fact that theyre no longer able to play in the Nuevo Toledo stadium (forcing them to move the team to Puebla) and that they’re having a hard time booking sponsorships and talented players, and you’ve got yourself a mess of a situation that’s gonna yield the laugh out loud humor the Gaz Alazraki-created show has delivered its past two seasons.

Check out the full trailer below, where you won’t just get to see plenty of Chava’s amazing sense of style (we have our eye on his sleeveless blazer already), El Potro in inappropriately tight shorts (of course), but a hilarious glimpse into what a siblings/couple therapy session looks like (yes, it includes a New Age-y life coach who wears feathered earrings).

Club de Cuervos returns to Netflix for its third season on September 29, 2017.