‘Coco’ to Screen at the Hollywood Bowl to Celebrate Día de Muertos

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Disney-Pixar
Courtesy of Disney-Pixar
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Surely, we’re about to get one of the most epic treatments that could be given to our favorite tale of honoring ancestors and Mexican tradition. Disney and Pixar’s Coco will screen at the Hollywood Bowl on Día de Muertos weekend in a live concert mega extravaganza. The movie tells the story of young Miguel, who dreams of becoming a musician, though his family has banned music. He ends up transported to the Land of the Dead, where he learns more about his great-grandmother’s anti-music stance.

Onstage, you’ll see plenty of exciting talent, including appearances by singer Miguel, Eva Longoria, Benjamin Bratt and Los Angeles’ all-woman crew the Mariachi Divas, among others.

As exciting as the Hollywood Bowl screening may be, it has little on some of the other special screenings and editions of the movie since its 2017 release. That honor may well go to the Peruvian dad and son who dubbed the film in Quechua or the screening held for a Central American immigrant caravan in Oaxaca last year.

Nonetheless, this event will give the film’s Oscar-winning score the treatment it deserves. A full live orchestra will be on stage at the Bowl, led by conductor Sarah Hicks.

“I’m very excited to join this incredible group of exceptional talent, in the city that I’m from, to bring this very special movie and message to life,” Miguel said in a statement released about the November 8 and 9 events. “The idea of celebrating our ancestors is very dear to my heart, especially after the passing of my grandparents.”

The performance of Oscar-winning track “Remember Me” from the film will be set to digital projection imagery on the Bowl’s iconic backdrop. The team behind the event is promising a transformed venue, pre-show activities and encouraging people to show up in their Día de Muertos costumes — news that, depending on your opinion of the US’ eager adaptation of the Mexican holiday, could be either heartwarming or complex.

You’ll be able to snag tickets beginning Friday, September 13 at noon on Ticketmaster.