Latino Entertainers Say Goodbye to Robin Williams With Outpouring of Tributes

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Photo via Parade

There are very few things that transcend all language and cultural barriers; laughter is one of them. Which is why a collective gasp tore through the office as we learned of the passing of beloved comedian and actor Robin Williams, who was found dead in his California home this morning. Preliminary police reports indicate the cause of death was suicide.

Williams, who struggled with substance abuse in the past, had recently checked into rehab to ‘fine-tune’ his sobriety, and was said to be battling depression. It’s an testament to Williams’ unique brand of hyperactive humor that he was so skilled at masking what was often a painful, difficult private life. Whatever his inner demons were, for most he represented unbridled energy and laughter, in such memorable films as Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, The Birdcage, Aladdin, Jumanji, Good Will Hunting, Jack, as well as hilarious stand up routines like the one below, where he presciently predicted our current Latin American pope:

[insert-video youtube=FHSZn3uWXW0]

UPDATE: As the news spread on the internet of his untimely death, Latino celebrities took to Twitter expressing their grief and condolences.

George Lopez

Eva Longoria

Wilmer Valderrama

Sofia Vergara

Jennifer Lopez

Residente of Calle 13

Edward James Olmos

Danny Trejo 1

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Gabriel Iglesias

Carlos Mencia

Cristela Alonzo