Conan O’Brien’s “Made in Mexico” Show Books Diego Luna and Vicente Fox as Guests

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As tensions run high between Mexico and the United States, Conan O’Brien is heading to – what President Donald Trump presumably deems as – enemy territory. On March 1, O’Brien will host host his travelogue special, “Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico,” from D.F. The show will provide – if only temporary – jobs to Mexicans, as O’Brien is using an entirely Mexican staff and crew. Additionally, he’s only interviewing Mexicans on the show. And on Tuesday, he finally revealed two of his guests: the dreamy Diego Luna and former President/Trump troll artist Vicente Fox. Surely, this means we can expect Fox to say that Mexico isn’t paying for Trump’s “fucking wall” at least once.

Both Luna and Fox have openly criticized Trump for his damaging policies, xenophobia, and inability to lead the United States. Conan’s show will likely get political. But the red-haired host hopes to bring some light to the current darkness surrounding the US’s relationship with Mexico.

“As you all know, it’s sort of fraught times right now, tense times,” he said. “Our country’s immigration policies are certainly in the news, including, of course, our relationship with Mexico. Now, there’s been a lot of talk from President Trump about building a wall along the Mexican border, and then imposing a stiff tariff on Mexican goods. It got a lot of people upset. Well, I want to take things in a more positive direction.”

Conan expects to make a lot of friends and have a good time. Thankfully, Luna already taught Conan some survival Spanish, so Coco should fare well.