Cristiano Ronaldo Is “Happy to Confirm” There’s a Film Being Made About Him, ‘Cuz Duh

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The famously image-obsessed Real Madrid player, Cristiano Ronaldo, took to Twitter today to announce that there is a movie being made about him. In the least surprising tweet of the year, Ronaldo is “happy to confirm” that the film is in production. We get it, you love yourself.. no real surprises here.

The official twitter account set up for the film, titled Ronaldo, reveals that it will be a documentary, “following a year in the life of the world’s best [groomed] footballer.” Award-winning British director Anthony Wonke is at the helm and Universal Pictures produced and will distribute the pic.

‘Ronaldo’ documentary
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Keep your eye on the film’s Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and look out for the doc to hit theaters in Fall of 2015.