Crowdfund: Stirring Biopic on Palestinian-Dominican Activist Amín Abel Hasbún

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The setting: Dominican Republic after Trujillo, one led by an interim military government during the mid to late 60s. In the midst of this, the main character: Amín Abel Hasbún, engineer and political activist of Palestinian-Dominican descent who fought for the political autonomy of the country’s largest university, shot to death inside his own home by an intelligence officer. Amín and his story resurface through the cracks of history with the work of director Etzel Báez in his upcoming film.

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In a country where the local commercial film industry has been gaining a steady momentum for the past ten years, there has been little space and funding for  projects relating to historical memoirs. Such is the case with Amín Abel Hasbún perhaps due to it not being a topic of mainstream interest with local talents such as Guillermo Liriano & Karoline Becker, the filmmakers are looking for alternatives to fund the independent production which is set to release in September 2014.

The cast and crew (a mix of old school teachers, new student prospects, and contemporary artists) shot the film’s teaser last week in Santo Domingo.  The film promises  an eerie and political atmosphere, one that uses the medium to portray the everyday fears and heroics of a city in turmoil.

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