Crowfund: Help Ecuadorian Songstress Gaby de K Make 'POP con OVARIOS'!

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As artists, despite our talent, passion and perseverance, we all ‘fall off the wagon’ at times. Life can get in the way of realizing our true dreams, but Ecuadorian and Los Angeles based singer, Gaby de K know’s she has what it takes to make her vision of ‘POP con Ovarios’ a reality!

Gabriella Villalba had ten years of hits with Kiruba and Kudai, but after taking a three year break and going solo, Gaby de K is her new sound. Describing her music as ‘organic electronic beats + pop rock melodies + autobiographical lyrics”, Gaby de K has been working non-stop with a badass team behind her. Production team Tracklacers who have worked with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Lana Del Rey, as well as Colombian songwriter Ximena Muñoz.

Every dollar counts, and to Gaby De K, when you donate a $1 you’re giving her a hug! So help this passionate songstress make her first independent music video (Label, who?) and share her talents with the world. We need more women who are making things happen for themselves. Donate to her Kickstarter HERE.