WATCH: Dancer Recreates ‘Encanto’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

Lead Photo: Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney
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The numbers prove that everyone has been singing  Encanto‘s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” non-stop lately. But this TikTok video is making us want to dance to it, too. Not that we can manage the kind of transitions Brian Esperon, a dancer and choreographer did in this amazing video.

Esperon transitions from Encanto‘s Camilo to Bruno seamlessly, and not only does he stick to the essence of each of the characters as he dances, but he also has the movie playing in the background, just in case we need a comparison point. 


But that’s not all you can find on Esperon’s TikTok page. He’s danced to Luisa’s “Surface Pressure”; while wearing pants, and then while wearing a skirt, because of authenticity. He’s even danced to the donkeys in the background because they were really doing the most during their dance sequences!


Okay but the choreography in this movie ATE 💃💪💙 #encanto #surfacepressure

♬ Surface Pressure – Jessica Darrow


Reply to @sof484 TikTok asked to see this in a skirt and we delivered 😅👗💙 Uploading a tutorial and the donkey’s dance next! #encanto #surfacepressure

♬ Surface Pressure – Jessica Darrow


And yes, there’s more from “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Complete with the skirt and heels, Esperon channeled Dolores during one of the best parts of the hit song and honestly made us appreciate this character and her moves all the more.


Reply to @_vamp_alex_ This dance hit different with the dress!!! 💃🏽👠 Uploading Camilo’s part next ☺️👍 @disneyplus #encanto #wedonttalkaboutbruno

♬ We Don’t Talk About Bruno – Carolina Gaitán – La Gaita & Mauro Castillo & Adassa & Rhenzy Feliz & Diane Guerrero & Stephanie Beatriz & Encanto – Cast

One of the other highlights to this Encanto expression of love is Isabella’s part from “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” With vines from the ceiling and a flowery dress, Esperon showcased the elegance and poise that this Madrigal exudes. 

But the Madrigals weren’t the only ones Esperon included in his “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” coverage. He included the villagers.

One thing is for sure, we might not talk about Bruno, but we really want to continue singing about him. And watching amazing creators have fun with Encanto and the songs we love.