Did Danna Paola Throw Shade at Former Series ‘Elite’?

Lead Photo: Danna Paola as Lu in 'Élite.' Photo credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes. Courtesy of Netflix.
Danna Paola as Lu in 'Élite.' Photo credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes. Courtesy of Netflix.
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Actress Danna Paola doesn’t seem to be having much fun watching the fifth season of the Spanish-language Netflix teen drama that she starred in for three seasons.

On Sunday (May 1), the Mexican actress seemingly threw shade at her former series, Elite, by tweeting that some social media comments she reads are more interesting than what the writers are coming up with for a “certain teen series.” Ouch.

“The stories in Twitter threads surprise and entertain me more than certain teen series writers,” she wrote.

Paola starred in Elite from 2018 to 2020. The series was created by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona and follows a group of students enrolled at a fictional elite secondary school and the relationships three of its working-class students have with their wealthy classmates.

In the first three seasons, Paola played Lucrecia “Lu” Montesinos Hendrich, a rich and manipulative young woman who is involved in a romantic relationship with her half-brother, Valerio (Jorge López).

Paola decided not to return for the fourth season of the series stating that she wanted to focus on her music career instead. When the fourth season premiered last summer, it seemed like Paola was thrilled about watching the series as a fan.

“I look at my co-workers and I am so excited to see them shine and see how the characters play out after everything they’ve been through,” Danna Paola she said last year. “The new line-up impresses me very much, there is a lot of freshness, it is super different, and it changes the whole atmosphere.”