Danny Trejo Wants to Play Himself in a Movie, and You Can Help Make it Happen

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It seems like Danny Trejo’s been around forever. With a filmography stretching back as far as 1985, the quintessential Echo Park badass has been gracing big screens and small since before many of us were born. But unlike other ‘80s stars who are still kicking around Hollywood, Trejo actually got his first film role at the age of 40. Which is to say, Machete’s getting old. In fact, Trejo just turned 72 this past May, making him more than qualified for social security and AARP benefits.

So isn’t about time the aging ex-con actually played an old guy? Or better yet, played himself as an old guy? Or even better yet, played himself as an old guy kicking ass in a retirement home? Well, Danny Trejo seems to think so — and if you agree, you can actually play a crucial part in making this dream a reality.

Trejo and frequent collaborator Craig Moss — who wrote and directed the Bad Ass franchise — recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for their passion project Social Security. Riffing off of his advanced age, Social Security finds Trejo caught up in a hostage situation when he stops by to visit a close friend at a retirement home. That’s when the fictional Trejo’s action movie skills kick into gear, and the tattooed chicano whomps some jewelry thieving ass.

It’s a film that’s right up Moss’ tongue-in-cheek, b-movie alley, but sometimes even established directors have trouble getting a project off the ground. In this case, 20th Century Fox had already thrown their weight behind the project when the studio unexpectedly shuttered the specialty division that was underwriting the film. Now Moss and Trejo have turned to the fans to help get this project off the ground with the full creative control they desire.

But the team behind Social Security isn’t just expecting you to cough up the cash because you love Danny Trejo, and they’ve offered some pretty attractive perks for would-be donors. From appearing in a fight scene with Trejo, to free tacos for a year, or even driving away with the car Trejo uses in the film, there’s plenty of reason to open your wallet for this worthy endeavor. Plus, if you happen to have $10 million dollars on hand you can get a guaranteed three picture deal with Trejo. Not bad at all.