Dilate Your Buttholes: Desus & Mero Are Bringing Their Podcast Chops to Late-Night TV

Lead Photo: Art Collage by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art Collage by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Over the last three years, you’ve fallen in love with their inimitable chemistry, their irreverent sense of humor, and their voices. But save a handful of appearances on MTV2’s Guy Code, we’ve never really had the chance to behold the awesome power of the Bodega Boys in all their visual glory.

Of course, that’s because the medium of choice for Joel “The Kid Mero” Martinez and Daniel “Desus Nice” Baker has been podcasts – and it’s a medium that they’ve thoroughly mastered with their improvisational bursts of comedic brilliance and clever takes on current events. But it seems Mero and Desus are finally ready to take the next big leap in their careers with a late-night talk show premiering on Viceland in October.

Entitled Desus & Mero, the show will air Monday through Thursday and follow in the great tradition of their podcasts Desus vs. Mero and The Bodega Boys, but with rolling cameras to catch all those subtle details we miss in the audio. According to Vice, the show will feature the two Bronx natives taking on the day’s hottest topics in news and culture with their characteristic hilarity, evidenced by a brief promo spot in which Mero urges us to dilate our buttholes in preparation for the premiere.

And if you needed any proof that these two are gonna kill it in the audiovisual arena, the play of awkward looks after Mero unexpectedly brought buttholes into the conversation is pure television gold. Keep a look out for official release dates.