Diana Garcia's smackdown at the Levi's Workshops

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Diana Garcia’s new movie, Aqui Entre Nos, is set to premiere at LALIFF 2011, but Garcia made and premiered her own little short at the Levi’s Film Workshops. Garcia is one of a number of Latino show-biz heavy hitters to get involved, including singer/songwriter Gustavo Galindo, who stopped by to shoot a brand new music video, and singer/actress Fernanda Romero, whose new film, Without Men, will also premiere at LALIFF.

Aqui Entre Nos tells the story of a middle-class Mexican family dealing with change between a stubborn father (Jesus Ochoa) and a fed-up mother (Carmen Beato). Diana Garcia plays their eldest daughter, Sofia, in what promises to be a touching, funny film. In her project for the Levi’s Workshop, though, Garcia ventures into the slightly more melodramatic, as you can see below in impressive slo-mo.

I can’t decide whether the guy is lucky or unlucky, but it’s clear he has to be confused. What’s with the mixed signals, Diana?

rrrr from Levi’s Film Workshop on Vimeo.