This Diego Luna-Directed Jarritos Commercial About the Immigrant Hustle Might Make You Cry

Lead Photo: 'The Journey' by Diego Luna

If you’re familiar with authentic Mexican food, you probably don’t need an excuse to love Jarritos. Founded over 60 years ago, the iconic Mexican soft drink has likely washed down billions of tacos across Mexico and the United States, and its distinctive color scheme is an essential design element in any Mexican restaurant. But in many ways, Jarritos’ hard-fought niche in the US market is a lot like any immigrant success story, and in recognition of this fact, they’ve imagined their latest ad campaign as an homage to the US immigrant experience.

But the folks at Jarritos and their ad agency WALO Creative weren’t content merely making a statement, flashing some colorful glass bottles, and calling it a day; so they brought in some heavy firepower in the form of Diego Luna, and had him direct what amounts to a rousing short film. Luna, of course, is not the same Charolastra heartthrob you grew up with, and the warm reception of his latest directorial endeavor Mr. Pig has only further solidified his reputation as a multi-talented artist-activist.

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Entitled “The Journey,” Luna’s two-minute spot for Jarritos connects images of Mexicans crossing the desert with archival footage of European immigrants arriving to American shores generations ago. Driven along by an emotive guitar score, a narrator extolls the virtues of “those with minimal resources, but with hearts full of dreams,” as we see images of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds living out their version of the American dream. In the end, “The Journey” emerges as much more than a commercial; it’s a much-needed reminder that even in these difficult times, there is more that unites than divides us.