Diego Luna Will Join Cast of ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ in Lead Role

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In a bit of news no one was expecting, Diego Luna is reportedly in talks to take a lead role in an upcoming Star Wars film. It’s not one of Episodes VII, VIII, or IX, but rather the first of Disney’s “Star Wars Anthologies” series, Star Wars spin-off films aimed at creating a larger integrated film universe, a la Marvel. This movie will be called Star Wars: Rogue One, calling to mind dogfight callsigns, and will reportedly tell the story of how the Rebels found the Death Star plans. No word yet on who Diego Luna plays, but as long as he’s not just doing motion capture for a CGI creature (they did Lupita dirty) I’ll be thrilled.

While this will no doubt attract ire and jokes about “aliens” from some sectors of the internet (though, allow me to be the first to rename this movie Rogue Juan), I was expressing my joy at the inclusion of Latino actors in my beloved Star Wars since it was announced Oscar Isaac would be in Episode VII. (Poe Dameron 4 Lyfe).

As the images below show you, the Remezcla staff is all too excited for more Latinos in the new films. Disney/Lucasfilm take note.