Disney Went All Out with These Namor-Themed Mickey Mouse Ears — & We Want a Pair

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube/Marvel Entertainment
Courtesy of Youtube/Marvel Entertainment
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Actor Tenoch Huerta has made such a huge impact with his Black Panther: Wakanda Forever character Namor, even Mickey Mouse is a fan.

Head over to Shop Disney and Namor enthusiasts can purchase their own set of Namor-themed Mickey Mouse ear headbands. “Pay tribute to Wakanda by donning this artful ear headband accented by a beaded and a metallic finish,” the retail website reads. “Inspired by Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, it’s a powerful addition to your look.”

According to Shop Disney, the padded ears accessory features three feathered sails behind each ear, a sculpted shell trim, a non-slip contract velour interior, and a satin headband with “Wakanda Forever” printed on the side.

If you’ve ever been to a Walt Disney theme park, we’re sure you’ve seen plenty of different Mickey Mouse ears on the heads of visitors. The headbands come in dozens of different styles. A quick glance through Disney Shop and you can see ears designed for other movies and TV series like Star Wars, Avatar, Encanto, Ratatouille, The Mandalorian, and A Nightmare Before Christmas, among others.

There are even ears that celebrate Mexican culture that are colorfully decorated with traditional Mexican motifs embroidered into the fabric and include a sarape-designed bow.

If Mickey Mouse ears aren’t your thing, you can always show up to a Walt Disney theme park dressed like Namor himself. If the shorts are too much, however, we suggest the Namor Mickey Mouse ears to prove your allegiance to the underwater Talokan kingdom. Or maybe you can mix and match. Shorts and Mickey Mouse ears would definitely make a new fashion statement.

And guess what? Huerta is a fan of Mickey Mouse, too!