DOC NYC 2012: Hispanic Documentary Picks

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Attention all docu-nerds, Lerds (Latino nerds) and comic book Leeks (Latino geeks)! DOC NYC has lots for you to see. Running November 8 – 15, in downtown Manhattan at the IFC Center and the SVA Theatre, it’s the biggest documentary-only film festival in New York. It’s like the comic-con of docs! This year’s lineup includes films about music, guns, birds, midwives, medical marijuana, cab drivers, religion, and social justice. The lineup of Latino docs is just as varied. There’s a movie about a little known folk singer dubbed the ‘Chicano Bob Dylan’ and another film about a gringo who became a famous Flamenco guitarist (you know that Counting Crows song “Mr. Jones”? It’s about this guy). There’s even a doc thats traces the history of comic book female superheroes (Did you know what Linda Carter – star of the Wonder Woman TV show – is Mexican?!?). If you are already feeling overwhelmed with nerd-o neuroses because you don’t know what to watch, no need to worry. Here’s my Top Picks of Latino films at this year’s DOC NYC.

Searching For Sugar Man

In the late ‘60s, the Detroit singer known as Rodriguez was considered a Chicano Bob Dylan by his producers. His album “Cold Fact” never took off in the U.S., but unbeknownst to him it became massive hit in apartheid-era South Africa. Decades later, amidst rumors of Rodriguez’s suicide, dedicated South African fans search to learn what happened to their hero. This unforgettable film chronicles their quest and its extraordinary outcome.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: First, it played Sundance and won a ton of awards. Second, we already told you that this movie is awesome when it played in theaters this past summer. In case you missed it, here’s another chance to see it. Don’t blow it this time!

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