DOC NYC 2012: Hispanic Documentary Picks


Expected to Attend: Director David Turnley present for a Q&A

Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, is a coal mining town with a proud immigrant heritage, once pivotal in fueling America’s industrial revolution. Now the town is on the skids, struggling to retain its identity, soul, and values—all of which were dramatically challenged when four of the town’s white, high-school football stars were charged in the beating death of an undocumented Mexican immigrant named Luis Ramirez. Pulitzer Prize-winner David Turnley creates a deeply felt portrait of a working-class community on trial.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: It’s a story that was all over the news in sound bytes but that really can only be fully developed in a feature-length film. Plus, it’s a world premiere.

[insert-video vimeo=43903604]

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