DOC NYC 2012: Hispanic Documentary Picks

Gypsy Davy

Expected to Attend: Director Rachel Leah Jones, Martin Jones present for a Q&A

How did a blond Californian with Alabama roots become a Spanish Flamenco guitarist in Andalucian boots? Gypsy Davy tells the story of David Jones, a.k.a. “David Serva”— of Counting Crows “Mr. Jones” fame. We hear from the perspective of five women in his life and his five children—including the director.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: The director made this film about her dad after being estranged from him for years. Besides the joy of watching awkward family interactions, you get to find out the real origin of the song “Mr. Jones.”

[insert-video youtube=F-0kxjh7FEE]

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