DOC NYC 2012: Hispanic Documentary Picks

The Imposter

Expected to Attend: Director Bart Layton present for a Q&A

Unforgettable, chilling and emotional, The Imposter tells the gripping true story of a Texan boy who went missing in 1994 and was miraculously found three and a half years later thousands of miles away in southern Spain. Despite glaring inconsistencies in his physical appearance, the boy’s family brought their long-lost “son” home to restart his life in Texas. Questions soon arose: how could the Barclay’s blonde, blue-eyed son have returned with darker skin and eyes? How could his personality and even accent have changed so dramatically? Truth soon proves stranger than fiction as the real story emerges.

WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: I’m not sure if this movie is real life, scripted reality, or totally fake. But, I’ve watched the trailer about five times in a row. If the movie is half as compelling as the trailer, it’s gonna be muy good.

[insert-video youtube=9xPul7stMeg]

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