East WillyB Episode 5 Recap

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Saludos y welcome back, mi gente! Hope you haven’t missed me too much… oops, I mean the show (lulz) because for this episode of “East WillyB” it is packed with a pachanga of true biblical proportions. But, enough besitos de coco, canela y anis – let’s get down to the Bemba Colora, shall we?


For episode 5 of “East WillyB,” we see that Ceci is still desperately in search of her biological parents, so she entrusts Enano (the neighborhood’s Huggy Bear) to come through and deliver. But just when you think homie has turned into Barbara Eden from “I Dream of Jeannie,” we see his scam turn bad faster than a .99 cent ring making your finger green. But no worries, Ceci got her revenge in the end – and Enano, (aka Ernest Garfunkel?) well, he got a handful… literarily! Ceci, 1, Enano, 0… walnuts.


Disenchanted with how things worked out, Ceci brown bags-it with Edgar at the local park – when all of a sudden they spot Albert and Maggie. And like a bunch of viejas bochinchosas, they spy on the two lovebirds.

Albert, being a romantic (and who has possibly seen one too many Ryan Gosling films) escorts his girlfriend Maggie to a park bench, gets down on bended knee, (like a sad lookin’ Boyz II Men song) and pops the question. Every girl’s dream, right? Well, Maggie’s reaction to the news is like she booked a trip to Paris, France and got Paris, Texas instead. :/ No disrespect to Texas… it’s a lovely ‘Dubya’ state. 😉


Cain and Abel.. whoops, I mean Willy Jr. and Don Nestor, are at each others throats yet again. Willy feeling completely betrayed by Nestor, refuses to even look at his brother’s face as he explains his money hungry ways. As the scene plays out (with Cesar going off on some social injustice tirade… keep hope alive, brotha!) you can’t help but think, ‘am I my brother’s keeper?’ And with that, this has been the daily sermon of… :p

So, what are we East Willians fans to expect for the next episode? Will Ceci find her biological father and finally have that longed for “Yentl” Papa Can You Hear Me moment? Is Enano’s last name any way related to the legendary singer Art Garfunkel? Hmm… interesting plot line. Will Maggie agree to marry Albert or will she pull a Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird?” I’m betting on the latter. :/ Will Edgar get closer to finding ‘The Yoker,’ or will his persistent attempts leave him with egg on his face? Will Willy Jr. repair his relationship with ‘El Cantante’ Don Nestor or will this ‘Comedia’ turn into a sad tragedy? And how will Willy Jr. take the news that Maggie has been proposed to? Will Willy be left singing ‘Porqué Te Conocí?’ I’m going with a big ol’ Jess!

Watch the full episode here:

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PS: Big shout out to the up-and-coming duo Los Rakas! This “Borracho” track is banging, y’all. For downloads, please visit their website here.

Stay tuned y hasta la próxima…