East WillyB Season 2, Episode 2: Recap

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Ah, I love the smell of tostones in the morning… Hello y un cordial saludo to my fellow East WillyB peeps! Did y’all see how serious it got for episode 2? No? Well, let me fill you in on the Tea… con un poquito de limón, porfa. I’ve been a little under the weather lately.


For episode 2 of “East WillyB”, it seems el tiempo para la revolución ha llegado! In an effort to bring in more clientele, and in turn push out older businesses (i.e. Willie Jr’s Bar) Albert (Willie Jr’s arch enemy) expands his revenue by offering new services. What new services you ask? Keep reading. Willie Jr. and his faithful patrons no longer willing to take it lying down, decide to go all out anti-establishment a la Che Guevara! The crew rallies up with bandanas, army fatigues y walkie talkies. Sidenote: who uses walkie talkies anymore? Can’t these folks do a conference call via their smartphones? But, in their defense, there is an elder amongst the bunch (aka Tommy boy) who might be technologically challenged. Lord knows, I’ve tried countless times to help my parents become more tech savvy – only for it to aggravate me even more when they still can’t figure out the dang microwave – but i digress.

The crew strategizes carefully their clever moves (and when I say strategize, I mean coordinate) and hatch a half-assed plan to let Willie Jr’s huevos be known – go A-Team!


When Ray (Ceci’s foster brother) walks into Willie’s bar with a much older woman, one would assume that he’s now trying out for the cougar olympics – but, to Ceci’s surprise, it’s Ray’s long-lost mother. Boasting about his new “mommy and me” time he wants to spread the good news with his sister Ceci. Ceci being the resident cynic, tries to convince her brother Ray that maybe this woman isn’t who she’s claiming to be. But, post blood tests, he is convinced that he’s found his real mother. Wanting to share the wealth of happens, Ray suggests for Ceci (estranged from her own folks) to do the same – wise counsel or just simple naiveté? We’ll just have to wait and see how this new revoltillo unfolds. Dun-Dun-Dunnnnnnn!!!


What has happened to common decency? Can’t a muralist have some peace without having to be chastised by “local” hecklers? Edgar, our aspiring artist, is in the middle of painting a commissioned piece when all of a sudden some random heckler (armed with even more huevos than in episode one) goes all Jackson Pollack on Edgar’s wall. Sidenote: Did this neighborhood have a special sale on eggs or something? Two packs of a dozen eggs for the price of one? Don’t mind me folks, I’m just an Uptownie who hates to miss out on a good bargain; but back to the recap. At this point, can’t these folks just come to a cordial agreement over a nice plate of platano maduros con revoltillo de huevos? I’m just saying.

PS: Shout out “The Yolker” from Wisconsin aka Puerto Rico. How lovely is it to see Armando Riesco post the movie “Garden State.” And yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m a big “Garden State” fan – so sue me. Well, not really. It’s all part of my charm – and if i may add, quite becoming. lulz :p


Just as the East WillyB crew is about to storm and occupy trenches held by rival forces – the plan goes awry when Willie Jr. discovers that Albert’s bar is now offering yoga classes managed by his ex-fiancé Maggie. And as in so many other incidents, he decides to brave it alone. The scene gets hectic and let’s just say the Spanish conquest was not a pretty sight. This poor Taíno’s heart has detonated yet again at the mere sight of his ex now dating his rival Albert aka The Hamburglar. Willie is then manhandled and thrown out – with no sympathy from Maggie.

By the way, what has happened to camaraderie lately? Manny aka “The Sellout,” who, mind you, was the pot stirrer of all this nonsense – just sits there watching his poor friend Willie Jr. eat pavement, and for what?! Just so he can score the digits from some “classy” (and I use the term loosely) dame. Ay, Dios mio… que mangu!

So, what may we viewers expect for next week’s episode? Is Willie Jr. ready to wave his white flag and just let go (no “Garden State” pun intended) of Maggie? Is Maggie really in love with Albert or is she just after his cheddar cheese? Will Ceci follow Ray’s advice and reach out to her estranged parents, or will she now moonlight as Inspector Gadget getting the real dirt on Ray’s “mom”? Will we viewers see more huevos for episode 3? If so, I have my coupons ready!

Watch the full episode below y hasta la proxima… cartón de huevos! 😉

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