East WillyB: Season 2 Finale Recap

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Buen dia my East WillyB peeps! How are we feeling post the holiday weekend borrachera? Not too cutie, eh? Well, it can’t be as bad as Willy Jr’s absinthe hangover, can it? ‘Cos for the season finale of East WillyB, the series goes from fireworks to emotional combustion in a quenepa second. But enough with the beer goggle chit-chat, let’s get to the mamey, shall we? Sidenote: I really need to stop by my local cuchifrito, asap! Homegirl got needs. =P

PS: Shout to Pedro Navaja aka Ruben Blades playing domino in this episodes’ opener! Could this be hinting at a future cameo? If so, I hope he brings out the guitar, Mr. Cantante! 😉


Poor Willy Jr. just can’t catch a break – he feels betrayed by all those he’s trusted and grows bitter and resentful towards his only friend, Ceci. Willy Jr. se da una buena borrachera and grows a Napoleon complex (in attitude, not size) in a matter of segundos. The scene gets super dramatic when Ceci tries to explain what she witnessed at the park, but Willy doesn’t want to hear it. He cuts her off literally and emotionally. Feeling as if she too is now part of Albert’s choo-choo Reggaeton train, he goes for her jugular by poking at her foster-care upbringing. Ceci, not one to have pelo en la lengua, puts Willy Jr. in his place – but it’s safe to say their friendship is now severed. Oh Sammy, what have you done to Carla now?


Meanwhile, at the Don Nestor concert, a fan (*cough webseries’ producer. I see you, homie! end cough*) is rejected at the door faster than the IRS and the FBI taking a bribe from Steve Rubell. But, I must admit, the bouncer was right about them shades, homie. Leave that Dwayne Wanye steelo waaaaaaaaaay back in some dark corner of your closet, boo-boo!


Maggie, still perplexed about Albert’s marriage proposal, storms out of the Don Nestor concert to find Willy Jr – when she gets to the bar, she finds him in a drunken state worse than Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan combined. Maggie blurts out that’s she’s now engaged to Albert and Willy Jr. being the typical New Yorker, has to give her that ‘I could care less’ stank face – when we all know he’s emotionally imploding on the inside. Nice coverup tho, bro. The scene ends with Willy Jr. kicking Maggie out of his bar, and it sadly ends on a sore note. Ah, why does love have to be such a battlefield, eh?


Willy Jr. post having his heart broken, warms up to his love-obsessed bar patron, Giselle. And just when you think his drunk goggles are snug enough to confuse her with Gisele Bunchen, she goes that extra mile. Girl, stop being so damn pushy and please get some V05 oil – it’ll do wonders for that mop that is now resting on that head of yours, girrrrrrl! 😉


After a hard day’s night, Willy Jr. wakes up in some random baseball field only to find his brother Nestor ready for round two, DING-DING-DING! Well, not exactly. They do have it out and Willy Jr. finally admits to Nestor why they’ve been at odds for so many years: Nestor pursued his dreams, while Willy Jr. reluctantly stayed behind. Nestor explains to Willy that not all is lost and that if he still wanted to make something of himself, there was still time – and in some Yoda and Luke-esque moment, they hug it out.

The series finale ends with Willy Jr. at the plate ready to bat, and perhaps contemplating the future. And although the future may seem turbulent post burning his bridges, we viewers are left feeling hopeful this ending will make some room for a prosperous future. Perhaps Willy Jr. will keep the bar and adapt to the new environment; or we’ll see him rid himself of his self-imposed burden and finally pursue his dreams as a professional singer. Perhaps he’ll find love again with someone else, or perhaps he’ll go through his trails and tribulations – but one thing is for sure, the possibilities are endless. As for the rest of the East WillyB lovable crew (aka boozehounds) we’ll just have to tune in and wait on the weather report. As for me, hasta la próxima… with my cuchifrito order now awaiting pickup. You can watch the finale below – besitos! 😉

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