Trailer: East WillyB Web Series

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Check out this trailer for the brand new web series, East WillyB, created by Yamin Segal and featuring the talents of Danny Hoch, Flaco Navaja, Raul Castillo, Caridad “La Bruja” De La Luz, April Hernandez, and Julia Grob (also one of the creators). The series gets its title from both “East Williamsburg”—a name realtors have taken to use for Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood in order to capitalize on nearby Williamsburg’s popularity—and its main character, Willie, the proprietor of a popular local Latino bar, struggling to keep his business afloat as the neighborhood changes. Brooklyn’s gentrification is definitely topical (Danny Hoch wrote and performed a one-man show on the subject) and there’s plenty of potential in mining the cultural clashes of a neighborhood “in transition” for comedy. As long as the series creators choose nuance and satire over tired ethnic stereotype stock characters and staid hipster jokes, East WillyB could prove interesting. We’ll keep an eye out for it when it debuts April 12th.