Eduardo Franco Talks Joining ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 As Argyle

Lead Photo: STRANGER THINGS Eduardo Franco as Argyle in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
STRANGER THINGS Eduardo Franco as Argyle in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022
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Joining an established show is always a hard thing. There are friends who have turned into family, crew that have a set rhythm, and fans to impress. And that becomes even harder when it’s a property as loved as Netflix’s Stranger Things. That’s what Eduardo Franco, who plays Argyle, had to contend with when joining the show for season 4.

Remezcla got a chance to speak with Franco about joining this worldwide phenomenon and honestly, he looked right at home. He was joking with castmate Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers, and open to talking about his experience on the show as the pizza-loving surfer boy known Argyle, especially because of the fact that he brings Latine representation to a show that needs it.

“We’re here, man,” Franco told Remezcla, basically reaffirming what we’ve known for ages: those in our communities are watching Stranger Things and enjoying it. And while sitting with his castmates, he couldn’t help but look at them in awe because it was “an honor.”  Franco also went on to say that it’s been so surreal that even now he’s blown away and everything kind of clashed together in his memory. But it was a “pleasure” to the point where he was at a loss for words.

That is except when it comes to his castmate Heaton.

As soon as Remezcla asked about his character’s relationship with Argyle he lit up. Argyle and Jonathan become fast friends when the Byers move to Lenora, California. He’s Jonathan’s “judgement-free friend” when distance starts to sour his relationship with Nancy. And their relationship helps “drive the story” forward in small ways when they’re not “probably sitting on the couch and watching movies” while smoking a little weed to relax because they’re “living in the moment.”

That relationship transferred itself to real life with Franco and Heaton learning how to golf for a scene that had the two actors hitting golf balls at a vacant lot in the desert. When we tell you that they went all in, they went all in. “Neither of us had ever played golf, so they took us to a country club and [we] have to dress the part.” And “they gave us these incredible shorts and shoes. And I had the brightest lime green shirt.”

Franco went on to have a crazy day of learning how to drive the ball for a scene in a show that still blows his mind. And he did it with a friend, which you know means guaranteed laughs. “It was so crazy. Charlie was sipping some beers and I was drinking some sodas.” He followed that up by saying, “When you finally whacked a ball and it sounds the way if you hear that pop, it’s so satisfying. And all of that just for a scene where we’re pathetically playing golf, or at least I’m playing it pathetically.”

We’ve watched the scene, and honestly, we’d be down to spend time with Eduardo Franco’s character just for the laughs, the support, and the surfer pizza bro vibes.

Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 is available now on Netflix.