El Chapulín Colorado Gets Well-Deserved Love From Fortnite & Popeyes

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Televisa
Courtesy of Televisa
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He may not be part of the Marvel or DC Universe, but El Chapulín Colorado, the superhero from the 1970s Spanish-language TV show played by creator Roberto Gómez Bolaños, is in serious demand.

Seriously, name one superhero from either of those major companies who is currently commanding attention from a popular video game and fast-food chicken restaurant chain at the same time.

First, El Chapulín Colorado was tapped to be the newest skin on Fortnite. His character will be available for purchase today (November 1) at 8 p.m.

The new skin comes with El Chapulín Colorado Outfit; other skins like Agente Colorado, Capitana Colorada, Soldado Colorado, Amazona Colorada, Guerrero Colorado, Guerrera Colorada, Héroe Colorado, Heroína Colorada, Defensor Colorado and Defensora Colorada; Paralizatrón CH-3000 Back Bling; a Chipote Chillón Pickaxe; and a ¡Que no panda el cúnico! Emote.

The trailer for El Chapulín Colorado features the beloved character in a room watching his show on TV, lifting weights, playing with pompoms, dancing, trying to blow out a stick of dynamite on a cake, and skipping across a beach, among other funny skits.  

Along with his collaboration with Fortnite, El Chapulín Colorado has also teamed up with Popeyes for a new campaign to celebrate its expansion in Mexico City. This includes more fast-food restaurants in different areas of the city like Liverpool Insurgentes, Forum Buenavista, Polanco, Santa Fe, and Interlomas.

In the campaign, Popeyes is using El Chapulín Colorado’s official “CH heart” logo to say, “I Heart ‘CH’icken.” The campaign will appear throughout Mexico City in various advertisements, including outdoor billboards.