Video: El Guincho Movie Trailer ("Bombay")

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El Guincho has just become the most interesting artist to come out of Spain in a long time. His music was already quite interesting and here at Remezcla we really dug his latest opus, Pop Negro, which included the first single “Bombay.” But now we found out he’s also going to be featured in a movie by the same title and this new video is actually a sort of trailer for that movie, to be released next year.

Now I don’t know about you, but this is exactly the type of movie I love to watch. Not only does it have plenty of boobs (WARNING!), it also has some toe-sucking fetish, wrestling masks, girls with machine guns, crazy satanic rituals, and some sort of contraption that throws golden cassette tapes up in the sky. All this in a successfully-achieved, ’70s exploitation style recreation. What else can you ask for?

This clip (directed by Nicolás Méndez) has so much visual info that it’s worth watching multiple times back-to-back and it goes great with Guincho’s unique electro-phycho-tropicalia sound. A feast for your eyes and ears, ideal to start your weekend in the right mindset (boobs). Enjoy!

FEMALE EDITORIAL NOTE: El Guincho looks CRAZY HOT in this video!