One of People En Español’s Most Influential Latinas Is a Fictional Disney Princess

Lead Photo: Art Collage by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art Collage by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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You can mark off another first for Elena of Avalor. Disney’s first Latina princess just launched her TV show in July. She got a lavish royal welcome at Cinderella’s castle back in August. And now, she has been named one of People en Español’s “25 Mujeres Más Poderosas.” It marks the first time a Disney character has made the list.

In the past, the annual list has included Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Salinas, Eva Longoria, and Rosie Perez. Elena is clearly in great company. The queen-in-the-making, who runs the Latin American-inspired kingdom of Avalor, was dreamed up as a chance to celebrate Latinas around the world. Speaking at the NALIP Media Summit ahead of the show’s launch, creator Craig Gerber spoke openly about his desire to “to create a character that could be a really good role model and who would embody the traits of leadership that kids (girls and boys) could look up and try to emulate. Not someone who is perfect but someone whose heart is in the right place. Who’s courageous, bold and resourceful.”

That’s clearly resonating with the Latina community already. Aimee Carrero, who voices the young princess, told People en Español that what makes Elena so refreshing is that she’s her own heroine. She’s not waiting for her príncipe azul. And seeing as she’s reaching young Disney Jr. viewers across the world, there’s no denying the powerful message she’s sending.