Emmanuel Lubezki Joins Alfonso Cuarón’s Upcoming Film Set in 1970s Mexico City

Lead Photo: Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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If you look closely, you might start seeing a pattern to Alfonso Cuarón’s filmography. He starts out with small, intimate films, then gets bigger, then bigger, then even bigger, and then he brings it all back down again. At least, that’s what happened when he grabbed his old pal Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki and headed back to Mexico for the small, freewheeling road movie Y tu mamá también in 2001.

And now it seems the infamous duo is at it yet again with a recently revealed project they are shooting this fall in Mexico City. So far not much in the way of details has been revealed about the film, but we do know it centers on a middle class family in 1970s Mexico City, giving the story an undeniably personal tint for the 5o-something chilangos.

Cuarón and Lubezki have spoken at length about how Y tu mamá también was an effort to get back to a small, intimate filmmaking style in the wake of bigger-budget Hollywood adventures like A Little Princess and Great Expectations. So after a monumental, game-changing science fiction adventure film like Gravity, maybe a little family drama is just what the doctor ordered.