WATCH: ‘Encanto’s Casa Madrigal Recreated by TikTok Artist to Perfection

Lead Photo: Disney
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Encanto is a certified hit. Social media is filled with people celebrating the story, characters, and music. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has become a bigger hit than Frozen’s “Let It Go,” which still plays on repeat in every parent’s brain.

One TikToker set the bar with Encanto fan love by recreating a miniature version of the Casa Madrigal. The magical compound is home to all of the rooms and celebratory spaces used by the magical family in the Disney movie.

Using cardboard and crafting supplies, @lucasduaart masterfully recreated the magical and wonderful house featured in Encanto. The detailed work on the cardboard Casa Madrigal is inspiring. And it’s clear that the TikToker is a fan of the Disney hit animated movie.

The flowers are perfectly placed on Isabela’s purple tower. You can see the glow of the magic candle in Abuela’s window overlooking the compound. Small butterflies and toucans gather on the foliage. And each shingle was individually placed giving the roof the look of authentic terracotta shingles.

The video plays the intro song as you watch @lucasduaart step by step creating the Casa Madrigal giving fans all the feels. It seems like a simple project at the beginning but the more you watch the more complicated the project becomes.

TikTok users are without a doubt gushing over the cardboard miniature. It is a stunning replication of the mystical house. @edzelandes @lady_nover I wanna be tiny and live inside this house 🙂,” wrote one fan on TikTok.

@lucasduaart also posted some videos creating the pieces on TikTok, particularly the trees and the materials used for the flowers.


Fazendo plantinhas pra casita madrigal, vídeo da casita sai em breve! #encanto #encantodisney #arte

♬ Colombia, Mi Encanto – From “Encanto”/Chorus – Carlos Vives


fiz grama de outras cores pra um vídeo #arte

♬ Malvadão 3 – Xamã & Gustah & Neo Beats

Tbh, we all want to live in the Encanto house. Just imagine just how fun it would be to be surrounded by all of that magic and the family that we all love inside?