‘Encanto’ Gets Its Own Lotería Edition Courtesy of Artist Mike Alfaro

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Disney
Courtesy of Disney
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Los Angeles-based Guatemalan artist Mike Alfaro has created a phenomenal version of the classic Lotería card game in honor of the Disney animated film Encanto.

In the Encanto version, Alfaro includes many of the beloved characters and labels them with their name and a title that best describes them. For example, Mirabel Madrigal is “La Simpática” while her flowery sister Isabela is “La Señorita Perfecta.”

Other Madrigal family members who Alfaro includes in the cards are Alma (“La Abuela”), Julieta (“La Mamá”), Augustin (“El Papá”), Luisa (“La Fortachona”), Dolores (“La Sabelotodo”), Pepa (“La Sensible”), Camilo (“El Camaleón), Antonio (“El Hermanito”), Félix (“El Tío”) and Bruno (“El Solitario”), among others.

Along with the human characters, Alfaro also made room in the deck of cards for more memorable things in the movie: “El Burro,” an animal that Luisa can lift above her head; “La Casita,” the Madrigal family’s magical home; and “La Arepa con Queso,” one of the many foods Mirabel’s mamá uses to heal people.

With the card “El Cactus,” Alfaro designed the desert plant to resemble the iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse.


Thank you @Disney for asking us to be a part of this! #LatinxCreatives #Encanto

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The Encanto Lotería isn’t the first customized card game Alfaro has created. He first designed Millennial Lotería in 2017. Last year, he collaborated with his first movie studio to create a Lotería game based on the anti-superhero movie The Suicide Squad.

“I wish there were more Latino characters out there representing us,” Alfaro told Remezcla at the time. “Hopefully, when people see this movie and this Lotería, they’ll want to see more Latino characters. Latinos are so passionate about these movies and the characters we love.”

Recently, Alfaro also designed a “Gen Z Edition” of Millennial Lotería, which includes cards like “El Thirst Trap,” “La Activist,” and “El Canceled.”