Cosme’s Enrique Olvera Will Be Featured in Season Two of ‘Chef’s Table’

In just a few days, Netflix’s critically acclaimed Chef’s Table will be available for your binge-watching pleasure. Set to classical music, the docu-series – which The New York Times accurately describes as the “most hard-core of all food pornography” – follows six chefs obsessed with their craft and perfection. This season, Cosme’s Enrique Olvera and D.O.M.’s Alex Atala will each get their own episodes.

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In the almost two years since Cosme opened, the Mexican eatery has had a months-long reservation wait, topped the New York Times‘ list of best NYC restaurants, and fed Oscar winners/nominees Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, and Emma Stone. And though Olvera – who is also the owner of Pujol, one of the best restaurants in the world – could easily rest on his laurels, he and his team are in the process of opening a new casual Mexican restaurant in NoHo. In the short clip, Olvera talks about how Mexican food isn’t seen as upscale. “In the context of fine dining, cooking Mexican food was never good enough,” he said. “It’s a tragedy.”

As for Alex, who is known for using native Brazilian ingredients, he is seen hunting as someone says: “Alex doesn’t give a fuck about expectations.” This year, the Sao Paulo-born chef opened Açougue Central – a restaurant that specializes in steaks. According to Eater, the two-Michelin-starred Atala headed to the Amazon for Chef’s Table. He also visited the Atlantic forest, Vale do Paraíba, and the Pinheiros Market.

Season two of Chef’s Table premieres on May 27 on Netflix.