Netflix Just Premiered Its First Argentine Series: Heart-Pounding Crime Thriller ‘Estocolmo’

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While we were all wrapping our minds around the aftermath of this crazy election, Netflix continued its steady march toward world domination with the premiere of its first Argentine series Estocolmo: Identidad Perdida, which hit the platform worldwide on November 11th. Produced by Buenos Aires-based multi-platform studio Story Lab, the high-stakes police thriller showcases the talents of siblings Nacho Viale, who produces, and star Juana Viale – both of whom are something like showbiz royalty in Argentina.

Taking on the theme of human trafficking, the 13-episode first season follows a district attorney, an undercover cop, and a high-profile journalist as they get mixed up in a web of intrigue surrounding the investigation of the disappearance of a young woman. Along the way, the trio uncovers a tentacular international network of human traffickers and puts their own safety on the line.

The series follows up on Nacho Viale’s previous outings as a television producer, notably the series Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand – a long-running talkshow featuring his own grandmother that he took over in 2013, and represents his company’s first incursion into digital platforms. For her part, Juana Viale is one of Argentina’s most visible actresses, with roles in over 20 local films and TV series including the 2007 hit Radio Corazón. In Estocolmo she will be appearing alongside a number of actors who will be familiar to any casual fan of Argentine cinema, including Esteban Lamothe of El Estudiante and Luciano Cáceres.

The official trailer gives us a sense of the series’ atmospheric, low-light visual style, as well as the strong performances we can expect from the cast. Plus, as we can expect from any premium cable-style endeavor, there’s plenty of guns and even a hint of sex for good measure. It may be heavy watching for such dark and dismal times, but you can still put it on your queue for a sunny day.

Season one of Estocolmo: Identidad Perdida is currently streaming on Netflix.