WATCH: Eugenio Derbez Posts Behind-the-Scenes Video Teasing Chespirito Project

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Eugenio Derbez (CODA) sure knows how to tease an announcement. Without naming any names, the SAG-award winner posted a video online Tuesday (March 15) that some say reveals the identity of the talent who will portray late actor Roberto Gómez Bolaños, AKA Chespirito, in an upcoming project.


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“The project is on its way, stay tuned,” Derbez wrote alongside the video.

The video Derbez posted is from a production set and shows a man dressed as one of Bolaños’ most well-known characters, El Chavo del Ocho, from the 1970s Mexican TV sitcom of the same name. The video pans across the set and lands on a TV monitor where viewers get a closer look at the man dressed as El Chavo. Many people are speculating that it’s actor and comedian Juan Frese (La parodia a domicilio) in the costume.


We’ll wait until Derbez or someone else from the production confirms that it is, in fact, Frese dressed as El Chavo AKA Chespirito, but it does look like him. The video continues with the actor getting some direction on the blue screen set and then being handed a bindle.

Late last month, Frese posted a photo of himself and Derbez, which added to the assumption that he is a major part of the mysterious Bolaños project.


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Last week, Derbez posted a photo, presumably from the same set, showing him sitting across from an actor dressed as El Chavo. In the photo, the actor’s face is blurred. Derbez called the project “a dream come true.”

Now, now that we have a possible Chespirito in the form of El Chavo, when can we see Quico in his sailor suit?