Everything You Need to Know About ‘On My Block’ Before the Final Season Premieres

Lead Photo: Photo by Kevin Estrada. Courtesy of Netflix.
Photo by Kevin Estrada. Courtesy of Netflix.
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The fourth and final season of Netflix’s On My Block drops Monday, October 4 and we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know before binging the last ten episodes of our favorite BIPOC teen show. Season three ended with our four friends walking away from each other and spending two years apart after losing the Roller World money. We’ve revisited that season and examined the trailer for clues about what to except for Cesar, Monse, Ruby, and Jamal.

Cesar Really Is a Santo

Remember the devastating fast-forward at the end of season three? The one where we learned that Cesar (Diego Tinoco) goes full-on Santos? Well, it’s not a joke or a fake-out. And being a member isn’t just shaving his head, wearing long shorts, and pulling up his socks. It means acts that chip away at his soul and rob his future. Oscar, Cesar’s brother and the man formerly known as Spooky (Julio Macias), knows this. That’s why he got out and is now living a totally different life – in a happy relationship with a baby on the way – and wants to help his little brother escape the Santos too.

Monse Left Freeridge

Monse (Sierra Capri) went to that private school and by all appearances, it helped her to thrive. But what about her old friends? It looks like she’s largely lost touch – with everyone including Cesar. Which actually makes sense because she’s gone preppy while he’s gone street. But don’t worry, she still comes back to Freeridge to visit her Dad. And she’s still got some issues to resolve, including untangling her feelings towards her now-deceased mom and her relationship with the family her mom built after leaving Monse.

Ruby and Jasmine are Officially a Couple

Yes, Ruby (Jason Genao) took his new lease on life after getting shot and found himself a girlfriend. Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) may have started off as the annoying outsider but as we learned more about her (remember that scene where we find out how she takes care of her dad?), she won more hearts than just Ruby’s. Jasmine is vulnerable and outrageous and has the biggest heart. But we saw the couple alone at the end of last season. Did their relationship drive a wedge between the friends? Or is Jasmine going to become a full-fledged member of the friend group? Only time (and season four) will tell.

Jamal Has Discovered the Ladies

Jamal (Brett Gray) was always the weirdest of the bunch but something seems to have shifted. He’s back on the football team and apparently loving it this time, acting more like a popular jock than a kid who had a romance with a garden gnome. With the Roller World money found and lost, where will Jamal spend his puzzle-solving energy? Football doesn’t seem a likely candidate. We don’t see Kendra (Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson), the girl who was Jamal’s first romance in the trailer for the season, but some romantic entanglements could still keep him busy. We just hope he gets his true friends to help.

Tune in October 4 to find out.