EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Professional Scary Guy Danny Trejo Plays an Adorable Gecko on ‘Elena of Avalor’

Lead Photo: Danny Trejo recording session for 'Elena of Avalor.' Courtesy of Disney Channel. Photo by Matt Petit.

Even before it premiered we knew Disney’s new animated show, Elena of Avalor was going to be full of amazing guest stars. Producers of the animated series – the first to feature a Latina Disney princess – were eager to recruit some of the most talented Latino actors around. That includes badass icon Danny Trejo himself. Yes, you heard that right: Machete himself recorded the voice for a guest spot in the adventure-driven show that’s set in the magical realm of Avalor.

Trejo plays Antonio Agama, a swashbuckling adventurer who, as the actor shares in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, is always getting in trouble. In fact, after an adventure gone wrong, he’s turned into a giant (adorable!) gecko. He’s but the latest of a string of fascinating characters that populate the world of Avalor, which has already introduced audiences to Jaquins (a mix between a jaguar and a macaw), sorceresses, spirit animals in the shapes of foxes and sloths, and even magical volcano monsters!

Princess Elena and Antonio Agama on “A Geko’s Tale” episode of ‘Elena of Avalor.’ Courtesy of Disney Channel.
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The show’s commitment to sharing and celebrating Latino culture is precisely what drew Trejo to lend his voice to Antonio. “Elena of Avalor has a real Latino setup,” he says while discussing the show. “That means that my grandchildren can watch people that look like them on television!” And since the colorful show’s focus is on strong, resourceful women – Elena is as strong a role model as you’re bound to find on children’s TV – Trejo was all too happy to be welcomed into the Avalor family. Check out the video above of Trejo talking about his guest-spot in this week’s episode of Elena of Avalor.

Danny Trejo’s episode of Elena of Avalor airs August 18 at 9:30 a.m. on Disney Channel.