EXCLUSIVE CLIP: ‘East Los High’s Season 4 Has Even More Breakups, Activism and Prince Royce

Were you looking for a binge-worthy series to heat up your summer? No need to look any further because Hulu’s East Los High is back. Entering its fourth season and thus becoming the streaming service’s longest-running original series, Carlos Portugal and Katie Elmore Mota’s high school-set show returns this July with some sick new beats and even more sickening drama.

True to the socially conscious spirit of the show which has given us the most complex portrayal of young Latinxs on screen, it’s no surprise the trailer for the upcoming season reminds us that “Now is the time to take a stand” while we see Gina (Alexandra Rodriguez) giving an impassioned speech against immigration raids: “We urge you to speak up! And give someone with no voice a voice!”

As if that wasn’t enough drama to go around, we get glimpses of Eddie (Carlito Olivero) in prison and see that there may be heartbreak on the horizon for Jacob (Gabe Chavarria) and Ceci (Danielle Vega). Might he really have cheated on her with his ex Maya (Alicia Marie Sixtos)?

Hit play on the video up top for an exclusive clip, then watch the season 4 trailer below.

The exclusive clip (up top) definitely hints at it. When Ceci confronts Jacob at his birthday party and asks him if everything is okay — that’s TV code for “obviously not” — he falls quiet upon seeing Maya and is still unable to answer her when she asks more bluntly, “Where were you last night?” Cue your “Oh, shit” reaction GIF.

Oh, and did we mention the show also added Prince Royce to this season’s cast? The impossibly attractive singer will be playing Vincent, the coach of the Jefferson Park dance crew (i.e. the Bomb Squad’s competition). But as the trailer suggests, there may be more than mere rivalry going on between Vincent and Ceci. (Because really, can you blame her?) With so much scorchingly hot chemistry, you get why Hulu decided to drop East‘s new season in the middle of July.

East Los High’s fourth season premieres July 15, 2016 on Hulu.