EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Songstress Carla Morrison Talks Getting Humble and Acting in Her First Film

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Should Ulysses be alive and listening to internet radio he would tell you that the sirens sound just like Carla Morrison, a singer/songwriter who has managed to woo us with pop hooks and made us weep with her breathy falsetto. After winning 2 Latin Grammy’s she’s become the darling of blogs and the face of Latin indie chill. And yet, like any great artist, she continues to challenge herself and try different things. This time in a new film opening on February 27, Ana Maria in Novela Land, a Trading Places styled comedy where she plays the best friend of nothing-doing barrio girl Ana Maria (Edy Gamen), and helps her keep her feet in the real world.

Morrison uses her talents to collaborate with filmmaker Georgina Garcia Riedel and gets to share the screen with Luis Guzmán and the late Elizabeth Peña in what marks her last performance before her death last year. Check out this music video for “Yo sigo aqui” featuring scenes from the film, including a performance from Morrison that takes place in the fictional world of the story. Lucky for us that we get to see Morrison tread new waters and enjoy her gifts in new ways. Hey, maybe she’s paving the way for an EGOT. You can do it, Carla!

Ana Maria in Novela Land is in select theaters on February 27. Like the Facebook page for exclusive videos and film updates: facebook.com/AnaMariaInNovelaLand