EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: Coconut Love, Human Skulls, and Tattooed Animals in New ‘August Winds’ Teaser

Lead Photo: 'Ventos de Agosto' still courtesy of Desvia Filmes.

We first told you about the Brazilian film Ventos de Agosto (August Winds) a few months ago, when it premiered at the Locarno Film Festival and a teaser surfaced on YouTube. In the very endearing clip, we ride along as Shirley, the protagonist, lazily sways in a small boat while soaking up the sun and listening to a punk tune about killing yourself. She rubs Coca-Cola all over herself, using it as tanning lotion in the hopes of getting darker.

Now, we have an exclusive look at the new trailer. This time, we learn a little more about Shirley who lives in a small, seaside town in Brazil. She moved there to take care of her elderly grandmother and works on a coconut plantation but loves rocks music and wants to be a tattoo artist. In the gorgeous new clip, she tries to convince her friend to let her practice tattooing on him.

But, he’s afraid that his dad won’t react well to the new tattoo.

He pleads with her…

She doesn’t take it well…

Undeterred, Shirley must find a way to perfect her tattooing skills. Ultimately, it is an unsuspecting goat at the receiving end of her vibrating needle.