EXCLUSIVE: Ozuna Joins ‘Father of the Bride’ Cast in Behind-the-Scenes Video

Lead Photo: Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
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Reggaeton artists continue to make their way into the movies this year – from Lunay in The Valet to Maluma in Marry Me. Now, it’s Ozuna’s turn. The Puerto Rican rapper has a scene in the remake of Father of the Bride, which is now available on HBO Max.

Father of the Bride follows a Cuban family getting ready for their daughter’s wedding. Andy García and Gloria Estefan star as the parents while Adria Arjona plays the titular bride. Diego Boneta portrays the groom, a lawyer from a Mexican family.

In an exclusive clip from behind the scenes of the film, director Gary Alazraki shared why he thinks reggaeton music is so special to the project. In Ozuna’s scene, he performs on a yacht for the movie’s big wedding. “Reggaeton is definitely a sound the entire continent is vibing to right now,” Alazraki said. “It’s the music of this era.”

Alazraki explained that the script included a scene where Ozuna performed on the boat, so they had to ask the musician if he was interested in playing himself in the film. “When Ozuna said he wanted to do it, we were elated,” Alazraki said. “We had him giving us a private concert. It was magic.”

Ozuna said he treated the performance like he was singing in front of his fans. “Meeting this excellent production team makes me want to sing like I’m at a show,” he said. “As if I’m singing with the same love that I give to an audience. It’s a very special moment.”

The soundtrack to Father of the Bride includes Ozuna’s new song “Ceremonia.” Other artists on the album are Arturo Sandoval, Byron Brizuela, Mr. B Combo, Angela Alvarez, Terence Blanchard, and Andy Garcia & The CineSon All-Stars.