EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Perez Makes Her Way to ‘Sesame Street’ in New Clip

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Sesame Street/Youtube
Courtesy of Sesame Street/Youtube
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Actress Rosie Perez (Now & Then) is on her way to where the air is sweet. The Academy Award-nominated star will be making a stop on Sesame Street this week to debut a special new “Word of the Day” for viewers.

The Word of the Day is “resilience.” In an exclusive clip provided to Remezcla, Perez is seen teaching Grover about resilience as they get ready to go roller skating together.

So, what is resilience, you ask? Resilience is when the strength we have on the inside helps us move forward when things go wrong. When Perez meets up with Grover, the word resilience helps him move forward with a new plan when he can’t find one of his roller skates.

When Grover shows up, he describes himself as “your cute and adorable roller skate missing monster.” He then reveals to Perez that he is only wearing one roller skate. We all know that Grover isn’t the most coordinated monster on Sesame Street, so maybe it wasn’t a good idea for him to stand on one foot. Careful, Grover!

Clumsiness aside, Grover is upset that since he’s only wearing one roller skate, he and Perez won’t be able to go roller skating like they planned. “How can we go skating if I’m missing a roller skate?” he asks her. “You cannot skate without a roller skate. It’s right there in the name!”

Grover, of course, is correct. It would be dangerous to try to skate while wearing only one roller skate. This is when Perez introduces him to the Word of the Day – resilience. Grover quickly catches on to the meaning of the word and understands that just because something doesn’t go his way, he can always “be resilient and move on.”