Exclusive Trailer: Gripping Chilean Drama ‘Jesus’ Looks Into the Psyche of a K-Pop Singer-Turned-Criminal

Lead Photo: 'Jesus' Film Still. Courtesy Breaking Glass Pictures

Your choices have consequences. And sometimes, you can’t – and probably shouldn’t – run away from them. That’s but one of the many lessons Jesús, the protagonist of Fernando Guzzoni‘s second feature film, learns as he grapples with wanting to undo a late-night drunken, violent encounter he cannot take back. Partly inspired by the hate crime that resulted in the death of Daniel Zamudio, a 25-year-old gay man in downtown Santiago back in 2012, Jesús is about the guilt one young man experiences after he and his friends brutally beat a man at a park late one night.

After playing film festivals around the world for the past year, this gripping Chilean LGBT drama is finally coming to U.S. theaters this fall. And Remezcla has an exclusive first look at its poster and trailer. Giving a glimpse not only of the dark subject matter at hand but also nodding to the neon-tinged K-pop performances that characterize Jesús’ boy band, the film’s poster pits the troubled young man in between his father and his friends. They’ll each pull him in different directions. At the heart of the film is whether the police investigation into the hate crime he committed will get him to change his ways or further splinter him away from his dad.

‘Jesús’ Poster. Courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures
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Jesús stars Pablo Larraín regular Alejandro Goic as the boy’s absent father who’s tasked with deciding how best to help his son, and star-in-the-making Nicolás Durán as the title character. Their stellar performances are already in full view in the film’s latest trailer, which shows not only their frayed relationship but the kind of dimly-lit urban landscapes filled with graffiti that set the stage for this contemporary take on homophobia, machismo, and millennial apathy. Shot with documentary-style realism, the film pushes boundaries when it comes to showing us just how reckless these young men can be, while giving a portrait of a kind of Chilean youth in revolt.

Check out this exclusive first look at the trailer by hitting play on the video up top.

Jesús opens in New York and Los Angeles on September 1, 2017 with other cities to follow. It hits DVD and VOD on Sept. 19.