Fans React to Sixth Episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ Directed By Robert Rodriguez

Lead Photo: Pedro Pascal in the Disney+ series 'The Mandalorian'. Still courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.
Pedro Pascal in the Disney+ series 'The Mandalorian'. Still courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.
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No one except insiders knew what episode of The Mandalorian that filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) would be directing when news broke about his involvement in Season 2, but fans were pleasantly surprised when his name popped up at the end of the sixth episode Friday (Dec. 4).


In “Chapter 14: The Tragedy,” Rodriguez teams up with writer and series creator Jon Faverau to follow Mando (Pedro Pascal) taking Grogu (Baby Yoda’s real name) to an ancient site where he is supposed to choose his next path. When Grogu starts to meditate, he creates a protective force field around him. Then, Boba Fett arrives with Fennec Shand and demands Mando’s armor, saying that it belonged to his father. He then “guarantees the safety of the child” in return.

After a confrontation with some stormtroopers, Grogu is captured by four robotic Dark Troopers. Fett, Shand and Mando agree to join forces and rescue the Child. They also recruit Mayfeld to help.

Star Wars fans online were beyond impressed. One even proposed that the series should be given a name change in honor of Rodriguez’s incredible debut.

“I propose that we give Robert Rodriguez control of the show and rename it “El Mandalorian,” @NateMing wrote.

Another user hoped viewers realized exactly what they had witnessed in Episode 6 from a historical standpoint.

“A Star Wars show directed by a Latino starring a Latino. #TheMandalorian #RobertRodriguez #PedroPascal,” @SquadLeaderAce wrote.

Then, there were some fans who even wondered what more Star Wars movies and TV shows might look like if Rodriguez was given free reign.

“Everyone else catching up to the fact that Robert Rodriguez has always been the man for years,” @JoeyKingpin wrote.

At least now we know who the series can turn to if The Mandalorian creators decide to let Grogu speak. #TrejoBabyYoda