Fernanda Romero boogies down with Levi's

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The Levi’s Film Workshops have been attracting the attention of a few heavy hitters, of late. We’ve told you about Gustavo Galindo’s involvement – and gave two lucky winners the chance to shoot behind the scenes footage on the set of his new music video – and lately the ¬†workshops have been graced by triple threat singer/model/actress Fernanda Romero. Her new film, Without Men, which also stars Christian Slater and Eva Longoria, tells the story of a journalist (Slater) who stumbles across a small Latin American town whose women are forced to rebuild their lives after all the men are forcibly conscripted into a communist militia. (Don’t worry, it’s a comedy!)

Without Men premieres at LALIFF on July 24th, but until then you can see Romero busting a move in a sweet pair of sunglasses.